Magic door

Danger walking on air
Dangerous atmosphere
Abandoned streets
Burning cities

Tiring times
Leading once more
to the magic door

Magicians, Enchanters
Poets, Painters, Writers and Readers
are lead once more
to the magic door,
A tower of books
A canvas and rainbow,
to solitude

© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts.

For dVerse Poets Pub: https://dversepoets.com/2020/03/23/quadrille-100-abracadabra-wheres-my-magic-wand/ Host:  Linda Lee Lyberg Prompt: To write a Quadrille, a poetic form created at dVerse, a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting the title) and including one specific word, today’s word is Magic.

Also linked to dVerse Poetics About Portals Host: Anmol Prompt: think about portals and write a verse.

In these crazy times, I find solace in solitude.



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© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts

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