I crept in my room to cry in the shade as the daylight faded away. As the day approached dusk my room started to flood, from the house’s west window; late afternoon sunlight made its way. I pulled both the blinds to keep the flood of sunshine at bay. Just then a harsh wind blew, the blinds swayed and there was a flock of blackbirds perched at my windowsill; wings black, eyes grey. The flock of blackbirds cawed their arrival like the harbinger of doom itself as the dusk deepened towards dark, it was time to pay for the mistakes I had made. I walked to the roof, where I had laid many nights and watched the stars, the blackbirds followed me.

waiting for a sign
six blackbirds sit on the roof
where I used to lay

they form a circle
I glance up before I leap
last stars I see tonight

Β© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts.

image taken from

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13 thoughts on “Sign

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  1. I could really feel the avoidance of “sunlight” in your haibun, the sadness and despair. The blackbirds carry the story right to the tragic end. Beautifully rendered.

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