Keep it simple, stupid.

Sometimes his dreams are scary
Sometimes his dreams are sad
but mostly they just make him mad
He wakes up alone
feeling guilty and mad

The smart thing would be
to pay no heed to them
But it becomes hard
to keep control
on the conscious mind
when such thoughts
make advances on
his subconscious mind

Surely the smart thing
would be continuing streak
otherwise all this
would be for nothing
As they say in his CA meetings
Keep it simple, stupid

He finds his vein from
the first try
and shoots just like 
in his dreams
'Hell yeah', he breathes
He's not so 'stupid'
after all


It is common for those in recovery to have occasional relapse dream. During sleep they once again experience what it is like to be using alcohol or drugs. In the dream they may be enjoying the experience or it may have all the qualities of a nightmare. Many people in recovery will wake up from this type of dream with feelings of guilt, as if they choose to have such an experience. They may even view it as an omen that they are about to relapse in reality

© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts.

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