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Will Heaven Have Tea?

Yawn and Yawn and Yawn and dream
waiting for the dawn will heaven have tea?
Gone and Gone and Gone is sleep
clock ticks one will it at least have coffee?
One and One and One is three
It's just wrong if it doesen't have music.
On and On and On and free
Early birds sing songs as Sun slowly creeps.

her big brown eyes

Her playing big brown eyes
Their instrument his heart
They know how to hold him
They play preparatory paradiddle
across the drum: his beating heart
Once they find the in
they cast their spell on him
He laughs
as they tickle him
and surrenders.

linked to dVerse Quadrille #106 Prompt: write a poem of 44 words incorporating the word “drum” or a derivative of the word into your quadrille. Host: Mish

Lyrics: Closer

CHORUS: There was a time when I felt closer to you
There was a time when you felt closer to me
(There was a time..)
VERSE 1: I can still remember
The smell of your scentful hair
As we lay together
The love was in the air

(There was a time..)
Bridge: And you / walked away
Turned your back / to me
But baby, / You look even better / from behind, / yeah yeah!

(There was a time..)
VERSE 2: Your hands on mine
As we try to read the lines
Girl! our fates are intertwined
I will love you till the end of time

(There was a time..)
VERSE 3: When u laughed hard at my jokes
When I saw you laugh like that
My heart began to throb
Harder than ever before

(There was a time..)
VERSE 4: I can still remember,
The way you just left me there
We’ve made mistakes together
That have cost us very dear.

CH: There was a time when I felt closer to you
There was a time when you felt closer to me
There was a time..

– © dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts.

image: canva


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The Muscle Car and The Desert Road

When I think of my life, I can’t contemplate why an old muscle car, vintage, trundling on a long narrow road, straight as an arrow, cutting a seemingly infinite expanse of the desert in two halves for as far as my eyes can see, comes to mind.

In some places there are dark clouds in the summer sky and the car roars furiously, its sound is like the summer thunder. The journey is just starting and the way the car is picking up the pace so smoothly yet spontaneously, signalling it is ready to begin the race. The rain is starting to pour but the muscle car seems to be welcoming it, accepting the challenge, its high displaced V8 engine rumbling in rhythm with the falling rain, its Khaki color, a light shade of brown with yellowish tinge, camouflaging in the light desert storm that will soon turn dangerous and its chrome handles reflecting the hot desert sun peeping from behind the dark thunder clouds that will soon blot it out completely.

My contemplation over this image during nights when sleep hardly comes is that most people would rather deny a hard challenge than face it, they would rather give up than adapt to new reality, but not me, I’m not afraid of the challenges that the new reality puts in front of me. I’ll adapt and welcome those challenges, just like that muscle car, my journey is just starting and I’m ready to begin the race.

I’ll be glad to hear what conclusions did you draw from the image ?
Please do share your thoughts on the muscle car and the desert road.

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© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts

Monsoon 2019, Haibun

SATI College Campus, Vidisha, India. 6/08/2019

Last year the Monsoon stayed heartily in India. I can’t seem to remember a single day in the month of August when it didn’t pour in the area where I live. I am not much of a monsoon person myself, I appreciate the scenic beauty that the season brings with it, I begin to look carefully even at the familiar fields, but my favourite season is Autumn. And, last year, with Monsoon making itself at home like it’s never going to leave, it seemed like Autumn wouldn’t come at all, and the colours of fall would remain hidden beneath the pouring rain. As I daily walked to my college, more often than not under an umbrella, I breathed in the fresh moisty air and was mesmerized by the sceneries but the mud and slippery floor, I could’ve done without. The view of the campus-garden from civil engineering department of our college was what I finally found out to be the most picturesque shot of the red tree which had amused me. My mobile camera isn’t a very high-def. one so the colours in this image look faded, but it’s the best I could afford. Besides, I love this snapshot because of the satisfaction it gives me, I had the poem for the red tree in mind since the first day of monsoon, when I looked at it carefully, fluttering in rain amidst big lushy green trees, it looked so beautiful, a beautiful rebel who was standing there among green trees, signalling me that Autumn is on the way.

Among lush green trees
Standing in the colours of fall
A thrilling red tree.

– © dixitmrityunjay, 2019. September heart-to-hearts.


linked to dVerse where Sarah is hosting tuesday poetics prompt: Rain

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Clearing my desk

My head is clear
unlike my conscience
My desk is near
on it a mountain
I’m used to fear
but I’m no longer countin’
half a year? one year? five years?
past is a constant nonsense
I’m turning my deaf ear
to my guilty conscience

the first passage is here
the peaks of the mountain appear
heights tauntin’ my fear
but now I’m a mountaineer
so I’mma leave my baggage here
by the
guilty fountain
and start clearing my desk
climbing one passage
and then the next


© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts.
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