Monsoon 2019, Haibun

SATI College Campus, Vidisha, India. 6/08/2019

Last year the Monsoon stayed heartily in India. I can’t seem to remember a single day in the month of August when it didn’t pour in the area where I live. I am not much of a monsoon person myself, I appreciate the scenic beauty that the season brings with it, I begin to look carefully even at the familiar fields, but my favourite season is Autumn. And, last year, with Monsoon making itself at home like it’s never going to leave, it seemed like Autumn wouldn’t come at all, and the colours of fall would remain hidden beneath the pouring rain. As I daily walked to my college, more often than not under an umbrella, I breathed in the fresh moisty air and was mesmerized by the sceneries but the mud and slippery floor, I could’ve done without. The view of the campus-garden from civil engineering department of our college was what I finally found out to be the most picturesque shot of the red tree which had amused me. My mobile camera isn’t a very high-def. one so the colours in this image look faded, but it’s the best I could afford. Besides, I love this snapshot because of the satisfaction it gives me, I had the poem for the red tree in mind since the first day of monsoon, when I looked at it carefully, fluttering in rain amidst big lushy green trees, it looked so beautiful, a beautiful rebel who was standing there among green trees, signalling me that Autumn is on the way.

Among lush green trees
Standing in the colours of fall
A thrilling red tree.

– © dixitmrityunjay, 2019. September heart-to-hearts.


linked to dVerse where Sarah is hosting tuesday poetics prompt: Rain

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10 thoughts on “Monsoon 2019, Haibun

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  1. This is beautiful. A dear friend living in my city comes from India, her family still there. She has described monsoon season …. your words made it come alive for me.

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  2. I love the red trees in the fall. Here they are oak or maple, glorious in their fall color. I enjoyed your description of the monsoon season.

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