When I Daydream… (a sonnet)

When I daydream then do my eyes best see,
For all day they see things in black and white;
But when I daydream, it is you they see,
And, in colour of dreams, your shade shines bright.

My ears best hear when I am sound asleep,
For all day they hear things from dull outside;
But when I sleep, in dreams they hear you speak
And your sweet voice makes them shiver inside.

My mouth best tastes when in dreams my mind slips,
For my day goes by tasting bitter things;
But when I sleep, in dreams it tastes your lips
And your sweet tongue rouses it with tinglings.

All days are nights to see till I see you,
And nights bright days when dreams do show me you.

The closing couplet is taken directly from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet XLIII as I was too lazy to write one of my own and also I think it fits perfect in my own sonnet.

I also didn’t have the time to showcase this sonnet like I did with the previous two, I’ve been busy lately but I still love to write whenever I get the time.

Linked to Open Link Night #278- Rejoice! at dversepoets.com

Take care always.

M.Jay Dixit, 2020

I’ve written two more sonnets in shakespearean style feel free to check them out:
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