A reading of my poem “Sustainability”

Dear Reader, I invite you to listen a poem about Sustainability: a conversation between a kid and his father.

The underlying message of this poem is for the present generation to practice sustainable development i.e. development done by keeping the needs of the future generation in mind. I’ve written it in rugged free verse, from a perspective of a kid addressing his father so as to target the maternal and paternal instincts in readers, attaching them to the message on a deeper level.

Hey father, 
look at what we’ve done. 
What about the peaceful paradise 
that you’ve promised to your son.
I don’t feel safe 
in this world anymore 
I’m a mother nature’s son. 

And you sit there 
thinking I’m insane. 
But do you ever stop to notice 
that this fragile planet cannot sustain 
the sheer number of human beings. 

Do we even give a damn, 
these crazy politicians! 

Everyone’s multiplying 
till they’re all walking like flies. 
Do we even care? 
Why can’t we compare 
ourselves with the flowers 
and the birds & trees 
and the clouds that roll by 
and the Sun that sits in the sky. 

Then afraid and confused you ask me, 
‘What’s wrong with Mother’s womb’ 
As you cover coastal waters with oily blankets 
convert fields of grass into deserts 
turn soaring eagles into vultures 
as you cut down trees 
and they fall like dying soldiers. 
As you pave peaceful oases into parking lots. 

But father, don’t be afraid 
I’ll show you the way 
Together we can save 
our dying mother 
Together we can 
keep her safe 
Lets reduce, reuse 
and recycle 
starting from

~dedicated to all the artists who spread the message of love towards our mother Earth far and wide.

I’ve also submitted this poem for Open Link Night hosted by dear Linda at dVerse

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  1. This really speaks to me. I too worry about what we are doing with our planet. Our family generates only one large can of garbage per year. We recycle everything else, compost large quantities and use the liquid for fertilizer which is good for the earth. We catch all the water that we use outside as well. So thank you for making people aware of the need for loving our planet. Your poem is beautiful. I love the last stanza

    “‘What’s wrong with Mother’s womb’
    As you cover coastal waters with oily blankets
    convert fields of grass into deserts
    turn soaring eagles into vultures
    as you cut down trees
    and they fall like dying soldiers.
    As you pave peaceful oases into parking lots.”

    This is so true and said with such wonderful metaphors and imagery. Very nicely done my friend. Have an amazing day and stay safe. Love to you and your family. Joni

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  2. I like the way you address the difference between male and female, mother and father, Jay. Fathers can promise all they want, but it’s the mothers who put things right, keep things ticking over, and do all the nurturing, including Mother Nature. Your message at the end is one that many young people are spreading today, showing the older generation the way.I enjoyed the reading very much.

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  3. Yes, a good way to show these issues as poetic dialogue. I agree, how long can we keep injuring Mother Earth and we do need to fix this for the generation to come. I hope we who have the chance will ensure we vote for greener politics and real action to lead the world to a better and sustainable future.

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  4. It’s not the low income countries that are exhausting mother nature though. According to UN statistics, if we all used the earth’s resources at the same level as India, we would need 0.7 earths. If we all consumed at the level of the US we’d need 5 earths.

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  5. Jay, I love how you presented your poem and your message. The calming picture, the peaceful music that sounds like church music to me. Your plea has the ring of a prayer about it, and thank you for what you said about artists promoting responsible actions to keep our mother happy.

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  6. I like how you have appealed to parental love to convey your most worthy message!
    and nice to hear your voice read so clearly

    Well written Jay it resonates deeply with me as I have written much on this topic … how have you reduced your carbon footprint?

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  7. I wondrous conversation, that echoes many of my thoughts… And thank you for following my blog/website, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from, Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

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