Haibun: Good Summer Fun

It was a bright summer morning and the dazzling sun was reflecting on the wet terrace tiles as mother washed them with a garden hose. Little brother (6yo) and I (9yo) were playing around in the terrace-garden, where the sunflowers stood at attention, all facing east, we were dressed in tank tops and capris. Playing “you’re it” we went to mother and started running in circles around her, giggling and in full spirit of the holidays.

She told us to stop bothering her and go play quietly in the garden and although we knew she wasn’t really bothered because she was smiling, we ran off to the garden anyways. When after a few minutes we again went back to her, she turned towards us, the hose was in her hand and the stream of water splashed on my brother’s face and then it was my turn, the cool jet splashed on my torso, my wet feet slipped on the tiles and I went sliding across the wet-warm terrace, which had now turned into a mini waterpark.

Mother was laughing as she sprayed us with more water, bathing us. We were in awe for a moment and then it turned into joy and we both were soon getting rid of our tank tops so that we could slide more easily and have some more of that good summer fun.

Wet Sunflowers swayed
As smiling eyes of mother
Filled the Summer day

M. Jay Dixit, 2020

Posted over at dverse: Haibun Monday: Being But Human

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  1. What a delightful memory, Jay! Your mother was so much fun. I love the way you set the scene in the opening paragraph, with the dazzling sun reflecting on the wet terrace tiles and the sunflowers standing to attention. You seem to have a had a wonderful relationship with your mother and brother. I remember playing in my grandparents’ garden when my grandfather was watering plants with a hose – I loved running around in the spray!

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