Poem: Them and Us

They’re Summer and Spring;
We’re Winter and Fall,
They’re dogs and pups;
We’re cats and kittens,
They’re beaches and sand;
We’re mountains and snow,
They’re evening and sunset;
We’re midnight and moonlight.

– © dixitmrityunjay, 2019.

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37 thoughts on “Poem: Them and Us

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  1. yeah…LOVE THAT SONG!!! thanks for sending!
    And we give ourselves away
    yes we give ourselves away
    We move throught the night
    hiding in shadows and light
    Come on baby let’s not fight

    You’re turn…

    Oh and then we’ll sing it together and you’ll play the guitar.
    How fun is this?!!!


        1. Well, actually my uncle (my mom’s brother) is a good guitar player… I am learning on his guitar.. and yes my mom played better than me at one time.. but she doesn’t practice anymore so she’s even worse at it than I am.. she sings very beautifully though..

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        2. I think it’d be cool to end it at games and night and interwined fates as it also resonates with the first stanza we wrote.. like that john lennon quote “After all it’s written in the stars”

          Haha cool but I’ll try to find the tune too.. but you’ll have to play the guitar. Also, there’s always the option of sharing it as a valentine’s poem.. It’s one BEAUTIFUL poem we got here🤗😁

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cindy ❤ “can’t live with them can’t live without” reminded me of a song by U2, you probably know which one I’m talking about😉
      And I’m eager to hear your full valentine poem! 🤗🙏


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