Tendon: A rhyming nonsense?

Oh, Tendon
Like in garden
of Eden
Eve never abandons
Adam. And the Sun
seldom leaves its handsome
heat in summer season.
And like Cotton
holds oil in lantern.
And how the atom
never leaves
quantum dimension.
Oh and also like
that golden
glow which never abandons
the horizon
when the sun sets or rise. And
how Eminem

seldom leaves his mansion.
And autumn

wind never leaves
without coloring leaves
with its chilly passion
making you ache
deep in your bones.
In the same fashion,
your strong tendons
hold and connect
your muscles to bones
never abandoning
never leaving.


16 thoughts on “Tendon: A rhyming nonsense?

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  1. Beautiful words, Jay!

    Even in nonsense, I always search for meaning. πŸ™‚ When naming the parts of the body, “tendon” may be far down on the list, yet without tendons, the bones would be unconnected. Like the tendon in the poem, every person wishes to be recognized for their dedication and the value of the work they do, no matter what their position. This poem is like tendonitis, making you aware of the tendon’s existence.

    Have a great week, Jay! ❀

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  2. It starts with such an Eminem vibe and then you bring it back to the marrow. The essence of life and the connector of our physical being. This one is tops! The wind colouring the leaves, my favorite lovely line here. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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