Poem/Lyrics: For The One

Dear reader, I invite you to listen me sing ‘For The One’, a romantic and inspiring poem. Its alternate title is ‘Abyss or A Bisque Carpet?’

You’re the one
who helped me
when I was young
and couldn’t see
the light.

When I was young
and couldn’t stand
on my feet,
you helped me

how to walk
over the land
and be free as a bird
in the sky.

When I’m older
and grown,
we’ll be together,

We would be warm
under the sun
taking a chance
on a bisque carpet
holding our lights
for those in abyss
and let them shine on

As our lives
will unfetter
once again,
we’ll be free
like a bird
in the sky
and shine
like the sun
over the land.

© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2021 All Rights Reserved

Bisque: It’s the color of the carpet in my bedroom, where I wrote this poem. It also means an extra turn or stroke allowed to a weaker player in croquet. A fine word isn’t it? 👌 

Posted over at dverse: Middles & Turns Prompt: To write a poem with turns. Peter explains it beautifully–

Sometimes they come when you’re lulled into a sense of knowing where a poem is going – and then ‘bam’ you’re hit by a powerful shift to what the poem is really about.  Sometimes it’s comforting or leads to an answer to the poem’s problem. 

I am still at the beginning phase of learning to play guitar. So my tune composing skills are nonexistent haha If you, dear reader, know songwriting please feel free to contact me. We can collaborate! and make this song even better. The tune I came up with was inspired by the song: Starting Over by John Lennon.

Lots of love and take care! ❤

20 thoughts on “Poem/Lyrics: For The One

  1. Such a lot to like here – verse, lyrics, song, (the first poets were of course singers, and the great poems – The Odyssey, the Mahabharata and Ramayana, Chinese, Philippine, First Nations were sung) – music – & a new word – ‘bisque’. Terrific stuff.

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  2. Amazing lyrics Jay, and I like that you’ve turned it into a song…you’ve made me think about going back through my poetry archives and trying to set some of them to music. I play guitar and piano a bit but I’m not sure about my composing skills 😂

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