Noisy Neighbours

Finding the in
to a story in mind
is half the pleasure
of writing.
From where
should it begin?

It's raining heavy outside
he has closed the door
switched off his devices
and is trying to get in
the flow
but failing.
The neighbours 
had twin daughters
two years ago
and they're growing up fast
they're growing big thorns
straight up into his ass
"children make noise
get over it"
their parents say 
everytime he complains
which is almost everyday
The hell of it is
they don't sleep at night
which is his time to write
they sleep at daytime
when he's away
at Burger King.

Tonight they're crying
louder than ever
he can even hear
some adults groaning
and bawling like babies
He's losing it
those haters 
they don't want me to succeed
he presses his hands
tightly against his ears
gets up and screams
at the top of his lungs
"Shut the fuck up assholes
I'm trying to write a fucking
story in here"
the sounds from outside
the distractions

Next morning
as he's getting ready
he reads the local news
on his mobile
Last night
Due to heavy rainfall
A tree got uprooted
and snapped the
electricity line
One of his neigbours
had also died
the mother of the twins
She was electrocuted
when a live wire 
fell on her
as she was coming home
from work.

Well at least
he got a good story
out of it
He'll find the in
at the Burger King
he's already getting late.

17 thoughts on “Noisy Neighbours

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  1. Jay, I guess this poem is a warning not to “lose it!” and a reminder that our assumptions may be incorrect. The”hero” rushes off to work seeming not to have learned this lesson. This poem is well-written and relatable, and would even be amusing if it were not so tragic. Take care. Cheryl

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! That surprise ending. It felt like a slap on my face, a good slap though. I started to feel for the character, but the ending reminded me not to assume. What a sobering slap. Wonderful piece.

    Liked by 2 people

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