calls for
strong resolution

calls for
acting on one’s
own voilition

calls for
ending phony allusions
to old generations,
illusion of evolution
and it’s the solution
to problem of

river or ocean
revel volution
of water
caused by evaporation
and make rain
Rain falls down
due to gravitation
when seasons change
due to

Ps: to ‘revel’ means to celebrate in lively and noisy way, ‘volution'(meaning rolling or revolving motion) is here used to depict the phenomenon of Water Cycle.

Also linked to dverse where merrildsmith is hosting tuesday poetics, prompt: Write a poem (in any form) about revolution.

Thanks for reading!

ยฉ dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts

19 thoughts on “Revolution

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  1. I like the layout, Jay, the way you took the work โ€˜revolutionโ€™ and played with it, and the rhymes with โ€˜-tionโ€™ endings. It would make an excellent rap.

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