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Raksha Bandhan

Draupadi Ties a Bandage around Krishna’s Finger

Raksha Bandhan
a ravishing fun tradition
cherished across religions
an annual rite and a
farewell to Sawan

Raksha Bandhan
a ritual which
Rakhi which
is a band and
a sacred thread and
a bond of protection and
an obligation
towards all sisters
and all brothers
across the universe
to never abandon
each other
and to love each other abundantly
and to be each other’s sunshine
when the rain comes.
and shine on and on
Like sweet Lord Krishna!

limitless undying love
shining around like a million suns
Happy Raksha bandhan


Though not siblings by birth, Shri Krishna and Draupadi shared a unique and powerful bond of love and friendship for each other. According to the Mahabharata, Krishna was so fond of Panchali that he addressed her as ‘sakhi’. Panchali too had complete faith on Devakinandan and prayed to Him with much devotion. On a beautiful day of Sankranti, the Lord cut his little finger while He was handling sugarcane. Shri Krishna’s wife Satyabhama sent for help to get a cloth to bandage Shyamsundar’s hand while Rukmini, the other consort of Krishna, quickly came to the Lord’s assistance to tie a bandage around His finger herself. Panchali who was close by tore off a section of her sari and bandaged Madhav’s finger. In return for this favour, Shri Krishna pledged to protect Panchali when she would be in trouble.

limitless undying love
shining around like a million suns

The Beatles, Across the Universe

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