Overcast, or: Undercast

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

Poetry Partners #55

A poem by M Jay Dixit of ‘September heart-to-hearts’

Another day's been laid to waste
Sunshine seems so far away
Dark clouds linger on
Crying from time to time
a melancholic rain.

I can't remember my face
Mirrors show a reflection I hate
and my thoughts are so grey,
so low and for so long
The Sun at sundown,
hanging on, not going away.

I’m a poet, living in the basement.
I know it, that I may never be famous
never get rich because of my poetry
but I still write and rhyme
whenever black clouds cross my mind
where it’s overcast all the time.

A sevenling by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’


If you write for yourself, you’ll reach all the people you want to write for.

William Zinsser (1922 – 2015)

A young poet stares out from his…

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