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Blogging on LinkedIn

Life Update: With blind luck, I landed an interview in a Health & Fitness app startup company, they needed a creative writer and a blogger, so I applied. After 3 interviews and a task they’ve shortlisted me for the final task which they’ll give tomorrow. Now, I thought to myself, what if, I sent my task to the CEO of the startup directly?

The CEO is also the same age as me and I’ve checked his social media out (it’s not stalking if the profiles are public!) he seems like a decent fella. So, after reviving my profile on LinkedIn, uploading my samples, writing a post, I am finally ready to send him a request and if he accepts it, then, I’ll send him my task.

In past couple of days, I’ve learned about blogging more than I’ve learned since I started blogging in 2020. Pooja’s website was a big help. She really gets it. She knows how it is for people like me, total noobs, to steer through the jungle of SEO and Meta Tags and Keyword Density and Site Audit and BLAH BLAH BLAH!

She’s doing god’s work, people. Go there and learn. Her posts are like gateways to this complex maze.

What I also learnt was that LinkedIn itself, provides bloggers like us, the connections with potential employers and clients. So, check that out too, if you’re interested in learning more.

I am new to this LinkedIn stuff, so if any of you guys can clue me in and give me suggestions please do. I would really appreciate it. Also, please check out my first LinkedIn post. It’s a modified, updated and crispier version of an old post of mine, Advice for Students on How to Stop Procrastination, those of you who read it, you really motivated me to write more like that. So, today, I’ve done it. I would always be thankful to this community for the spark it gave me, love you guys!

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  1. Hello, I agree LinkedIn is a useful tool, and I think it would be beneficial to share some contacts concerning blogging opportunities or freelance work etc, as like you I am quite new to understanding how blogging can be made a little profitable, in addition to an enjoyable hobby. I cannot recommend enough really so agree with you totally there. It has helped me grow my blog also. Many congrats on your successive interview successes. Hope they lead to great things ! I don’t have experience contacting a CEO direct but as long as you are polite and make the point in few words but well and concisely, I don’t see an issue with that. Health and fitness is a real interest of mine, aswell being a fitness instructor so I can relate to that.

    Feel free to check out my post on finding a job online here too 🙂

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