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Tautogram: Give Peace a Chance

Prioritize peace! Pretty people,
passionate people, polite people
paranoid people, pessimistic people,
persistent people, petty people,
popular people, political people,
philosophical people, plucky people,
pro people, powerful people,
private people, perfect people,
procrastinating people, posing people,
poetry people, painting people,
precious people, potion people
problem people, prepared people,
proud people, pale people,
phenomenal people, puppet people,
police people, peaceful people.

© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2023 All Rights Reserved


The tautogram is best explained by its Greek root words of “tauto” meaning “the same” and “gramma” meaning “letter.” Basically, all words in the poem begin with the same letter.


As I said in my first post this year, “After all, the new-year-resolutions are for children who don’t know any better.” So, when in today’s dverse prompt, Punam kinda consoled us to not let ourselves down just because we couldn’t hold true to our “resolutions” past January, I decided to write about my only promise to myself this year. It’s to keep peace a priority. ☮️✌️

I made this for my Insta blog. Give Peace a Chance!

Featured art uploaded by Suzzane on Pinterest and made by Liza Oxley.

My favorite rockstar already had the answer!


28 thoughts on “Tautogram: Give Peace a Chance

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  1. A write wonderful worthy of dVerse. Fairly mechanical, I’d get a list of two or more syllables beginning with my theme letter and choose the ones I wanted to use. Copy and paste, that’s the way I made my list of countries I’d visited, pulling them from a list of counties participating in the Winter Olympics and ended up with 79.
    My favorite here of yours is “procrastinating people.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa! Jim, that’s so great! 79 countries, oh the things you must’ve witnessed. The cultures, traditions and superstitions! That’s one hell of an accomplishment! Congrats✌️


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