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Horror Haibun: Waiting | Scifaikuest

Dear readers and fellow bloggers, the Contributor’s Copy of the Scifaikuest Print Magazine: 2021 Halloween Edition, arrived in the mail today. I’m so happy!

I didn’t receive the free contributor’s copy in 2021 due to some unknown reasons and I didn’t notify this problem to the editor or anyone else either, I just accepted the payment and forgot about it because I think I didn’t really care for it at the time. I was going through a rough patch and was thinking of dropping poetry altogether; really.

Things are looking up now, touchwood, and I’m pursuing my calling. So, 2 weeks ago, I dropped a message to the editor who accepted this piece at that time and requested them to send me a contributor’s copy if it’s available and affordable. I also told them that it’d be great to have my first-ever printed poem with me as I start my journey as a creative writer.

She was very supportive, and she obliged. Thus, the magazine arrived today. It’s full of other great horror haiku and haibun too, so it’s a bonus!

Haibun by M. Jay Dixit

I live alone in the dark land where time is just a myth and the Moon is my Sun, the clock of my timeless land, looking over me and my kind with its potent shine making our thirst stronger, a red hunger, as we lie in our silent bed places with cold comfy pillows and good dark all around, biding our hunger till it is at its full, Harvest Moon, the humans call it and how very veracious that is.

When the sun leaves the sky bruised and bloody and a red Moon like a drunkard’s eye rides the night piercing its darkness with silver knives, when the witches in forests sit by the fire to do moon magic and the scared children gather garlic buds in red cloths, we fly off from our centuries old coffins dressed as bats and crows. We never look back for our huger is ripest, blinding red stars shine in our eyes; they’re the last stars these delicious little humans see before blackness bites them with its sharp and hungry teeth.

hungry autumn moon
eats the east in its wide mouth
a big bat flies free

© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2021 All Rights Reserved


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