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New Moon Rain

eying the dying 
night with bad intent 
I ain't tainted 
in my tent 
by the rain 
this I attain--

New Moon Rain 
what you doing? 
don't leave so soon 

in aquablue hue 
beneath the black 
lying true and still 
two dead eyes 
staring at skies 
at low tides 

New Moon Rain 
cool down this mountain 
and drown this ocean 

call my name 
through the lotion 
rub it in 
in slow motion 
as sun comes in 
my mouth again 

New Moon Rain 
drool down this mountain 
and drought this ocean 

New Moon Rain 
what you doing 
won't you stay 
a little more! 
come on! 


© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2023 All Rights Reserved

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