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When my quiet eyes..(a sonnet)

When my quiet eyes fall upon your still face,
I summon up remembrance of things past,
Mobile snapshot reminds me how it was,
And I sigh at my old self's lack of grace.
Then oh! with such sharpness the colors soar,
In fall evenings; memories of meetings,
Draw fresh tears from the old well of grievings,
In my fraught eyes as if not drawn before.
Then can I plough through your letters dear friend,
And recount my woes through your thankful notes,
For the gifts I bought and the verse I wrote,
With no kind love were schemes with unkind end.
But all the while I think of our waltzes,
Dear girl my concerns were safely selfish.

My first attempt at writing a sonnet. Also linked to Dverse where Frank is hosting: Doubly Perfect Fourteen Lines.



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© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts


A Love Quadrille

At peace with dark
I play solitude solitaire
Till Sun appears in horizon
The Sun is in her eyes and
She has kept me waiting too long

When I watch her come
her blue eyes
viciously bright
deep blue day 
I run away

linked to Quadrille 107 – Blue Monday at Dverse. Where Kim is hosting. Prompt: Write a poem of exactly 44 words, including the word blue.



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© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts



At Dawn

Melting Moon’s
Silver shines
Naked blue sky


in blue night naked of stars
moon moves into clouds
turning them milky



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pics: night clouds at wallpaperaccess.com

© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts


Apokoinou Haiku

crowd cheers the old man
moonwalking on the pavement
tree’s sunset shadow

Form: An apokoinou is the blending of two sentences through a common word (or phrase) which has two syntactic functions, one for each of the sentence. The phrase common to both sentences is often a predicate object in the first and a subject in the second. A haiku is traditionally a Japanese poem consisting of three short lines that do not rhyme. A traditional Japanese haiku has 17 on (a type of Japanese phoneme) in a 5, 7, 5 pattern.

Let us “break” this haiku with “apokoinou”:
“crowd cheers the old man/ moonwalking on the pavement” and “moonwalking on the pavement/ tree’s sunset shadow”.

© dixitmrityunjay, 2020. September heart-to-hearts

linked to Exploring the beauty of haiku by Carpe Haiku Kai where Chèvrefeuille is back with a new episode where our challenge is to write the haiku using apokoinou technique.

also linked to Weekly Scribblings 26: Pavement by poetsandstorytellersunited where challenge is to write while inspired by pavement.

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Maybe Tomorrow

a bundle of empty pages
waiting on my desk
papers white, lines black
the logo printed 
in the bottom left corner
of each page
'apple project paper'
written all in capital
beneath a printed grey apple
I turn on the fan
as I enter my room
I see the papers waver
under paperweight
The apple logos swaying in rhythm
almost as if to say
'Hey man, we've been waiting for months
When are you going to start that
minor project report'
I sit down on my chair
pull the first APPLE PROJECT PAPER
from under the paper weight
and start to write
'Maybe Tomorrow
a bundle of empty pages..'

Will Heaven Have Tea?

Yawn and Yawn and Yawn and dream
waiting for the dawn will heaven have tea?
Gone and Gone and Gone is sleep
clock ticks one will it at least have coffee?
One and One and One is three
It's just wrong if it doesen't have music.
On and On and On and free
Early birds sing songs as Sun slowly creeps.


Awards Nominations & 200+ Followers

Hey everyone! I meant to upload this on Father’s day but I’ve been busy this last few days so here it is: Today is a very special day, its Father’s day and I witnessed my life’s first solar eclipse! and September Heart-to-hearts crossed the milestone of 200 followers! Amazing coincidence, I am feeling super excited.  I’m so happy to be a part of this community, everyone is so helpful & supportive and for that I’m very thankful. As a famous writer once wrote “Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.”

First of all, I would like to thank dear fellow bloggers @offshorewriter@sa muellawrentz for nominating me, they’re siblings and both are very talented writers of an awesome poetry and motivational blog  https://offshorewritings.com/  where they post captivating poems and some very inspirational stuff, you guys are amazing and I am very glad that you nominated me for not one but two awards💕 Thank you very much for your constant support. To check out there latest post click here


Rules for the Brainstorms Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Tag your post with the Brainstorm award and follow brainstorm, if you are willing.
  3. Display the Brainstorms award logo.
  4. Talk a bit about your blog, why you started it, what you write on and your goal for your blog.
  5. Answer the five questions you’ve been asked. Nominate five amazing bloggers.
  6. Ask them five new questions.

You can read about September Heart-to-hearts here and now coming to the question.

Question asked by offshorewritings

Q. What is the one thing that you would like to change in the world?
*I’d change myself, I know my shortcomings and before making the desired change in the world and system around me, I’d first make that change in myself. 🙂

They haven’t asked me any more questions because they were tired as hell writing that long post containing all sorts of awards  😂 well I never played strictly by these award rules myself so I can relate 🙂

My Nominees for Brainstorms Award

  1. https://murmelmeister.com/
  2. https://crazienerds.wordpress.com/
  3. https://thehiddensoul25.wordpress.com/
  4. https://myinnerbeing482229597.wordpress.com/
  5. https://tangietwoods.blog/

Questions to Nominees

  1. What do you think is humankind’s greatest invention?
  2. How do you make yourself sleep when you can’t seem to get to sleep? 
  3. While writing (your first draft of any piece) and reading, what do you prefer: digital medium (writing apps, E-books) OR conventional medium (Pen & Paper, Paperback books) ?
  4. What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?
  5. What movie or book or person do you know the most quotes from? 


This is a special award gifted to me by @offshorewriter and @sa muellawrentz for being a good reader. I thank them heartily for honoring me, I agree with their statement: reading is as important as writing.

Tagged: 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Few weeks ago (or has it been a month, I totally forget, has it been this long ?) Mrs. T tagged me. If you’re not familiar with her blog, please check them out and give them a follow. I assure you, you’ll get inspired by her wonderful posts.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. List 10 things that make you happy. ( Linking to them, sharing pictures, writing poems about them, jokes etc are all encouraged but not required.)

2. List 10 people who make you happy. ( Notify them of their Tag)

Please note, if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

  1. Music! Writing, playing and most of all listening. Eminem (Every single song), Linkin Park (Every single song), Beatles (Every single song), Rolling Stones (Every single song), Queens (Every single song) Lou Reed (Every single song), Chris Cornell (Every single song), Michael Jackson (Every single song), Green Day (just wake me up when september ends, boulevard of broken dreams and stop when the red lights flash) Elton John (just Original Sin), Billie Eilish (cringy, I know but what can you do!, I like her style), Hans Zimmer, music from Tarantino Movies, Led Zeppelin (just The Immigrant Song and Stairway to Heaven), nowadays I am exploring metal (AC/DC, Black Sabbath) and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sukhwinder Singh (many songs but especially aaj mera jee karda) , Kishore Kumar, some songs by Atif Aslam.. I can go on and on hahaha .. maybe later I’ll make a whole list of artists I listen to…

    Here are some songs I’ve written as a tribute to my favorite artists
    1. My December
    2. Closer
    3. Broken Chords
    4. Farewell Embraces

2. My family, I love them all very much and I feel very happy when surrounded by them.

Diwali Festival 2018

3. Living in Bhopal. We moved permanently to Bhopal just over 15 years ago (almost the age my younger brother is!). To know how dear I hold my hometown in heart, you can read my poem: Bhopal: The Brimming Heart of India

4. Reading fiction novels. I am constant reader (a term my fellow Stephen King fans will understand). Stephen King (I aim to read everything he has written before I kick the bucket!), Dan Brown (I finished his Origin novel in 2 days! Absolutely Amazing), George R.R Martin (currently on the 3rd book in GOT series), J K Rowling (where it all started, HP series will always have a special place in my heart. Potterhead Always!)

5. Reading and exploring poetry. I aspire to become a famous poet one day (haha, if you’re still reading, it is okay to laugh, I do too 😂) and for that I discover new forms of poetry now and then, I love to discover them! Haikus by Richard Wright, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Imagery poems by William Carlos Williams and some very talented poets in this community inspire me to write and I love to read their poems.

6. Gaming. My guilty pleasure no.1. I’ve SONY PS2 console and I’ve played those old games with my brother so many times that it’s ridiculous 😂 Then there’s PC Gaming I can list a lot of games that still make me happy when I sit down to play.

7. Binge watching movies and T.V Series. My guilty pleasure no.2 I’m a movie and TV series fanatic! Just to make you realize the seriousness of my mania let me tell you this: I’ve watched Breaking Bad 4 times (one time I started and ended it in 2 weeks!) I’ve watched Game of Thrones 3 times (one time I started and ended it in 1 week!!). I’ve a 1 TB hard drive half of which is full of TV Series and Movies, the other half is full of PC Games! (I downloaded all of it over torrent please don’t call the cops on me)

8. Talking with my crush. Yeah I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes down to it.😂

9. Eating meals cooked by my mother. My mother is the best cook in the world, hands down! I mean I almost pity other people when they say this or that is the “best meal” they’ve ever had 😂😂 If those people tasted the Veg-Paratha, Dal-Paratha, Aalo-Paratha, Samosa, Pav Bhaji, ETC. made by my mother’s magical hands they’d forget what they were talking about. (my mouth is watering as I’m writing this and my mom has already called me twice for dinner, it’s getting late..)

10. Finally, but just as importantly, Writing, I love to write! September heart-to-hearts makes me happy. This community is wonderful, I’ve said it many times because it’s true. You all wonderful people inspire me to write and keep on going!. When I feel sad, I write. When I feel excited (like I’m doing right now), I write. When I feel bored, I write. Writing makes me happy! and I never thought my blog will reach 200 followers! All thanks to you guys. I tip my hat to all of you amazing talented people who are taking out their time and reading this.

Love you all ❤️
Take Care.