Looking Out the Window

 As I sit here
 Looking out the window,
 Restless rain
 of endless thoughts
 falling inside
 my meandering mind,
 just like,
 the slow showers
 in the silent night.
 Looking out the window,
 I wonder where do lost things go?
 Do they end up in the ocean,
 inside a big shark's stomach?
 or do they end up in a thieves' bag
 like my mother's diamond necklace
 and my brother's school books?
 I had a favorite cap,
 it was all black
 I wore that cap so much
 it was a part of my head
 until one day I wore it in the beach
 and went to swim in the sea
 not noticing until it was too late
 that the waves had taken it away
 with them into the ocean.
 My favorite cap which was all black,
 just like they took away
 my father's golden ring
 years ago; before I was born.
 Looking out the window
 I wonder where do they go?
 I wonder who took away
 my love for math?
 the feeling of how good it can be.
 I wonder who took away
 my dreams
 that I dreamed as a child?
 the feeling of how good life can be.
 I wonder who took away
 my love for her?
 and the feeling I got
 of how good we can be,
 when I ran my hand through her hair,
 looking out the window
 I wonder where do lost things go? 

M. Jay Dixit, 2020

50 thoughts on “Looking Out the Window

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  1. I like the whimsy of your poem. I have lost things years ago and sometimes still wonder where they went – little things like a bracelet that was in my room and then completely disappeared .

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  2. This is wistful and yet hopeful. I’ve lost things in the ocean, but also found things that others have lost thrown up by the waves and wondered who was missing it and how they lost it. I prefer the ocean or wind as thief to a human one! (K)

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  3. Jay, I love this poem! Very imaginative, and very heartwarming. It shows empathy for those in your family who have lost things they valued and refrains from anger and resentment at thieves or the lost girlfriend. You seem to be a very kind and thoughtful person to have written such a poem. All the best! Cheryl

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  4. This is a wonderful poem Jay! I love the questions repeated throughout! I think the spector of depression tries to steal away our joy and shows us what we lost instead of the great things we still have today. Well done.

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