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Thimble of Poetry

He went to the sea in a thimble of poetry

Poet Warning, Jim Harrison
He was having trouble 
keeping up with the times.

He was a poet
and a blogger.

Kids these days 
were all about 
Youtube and vlogs,

none of them 
read anything

and there he was
who still practiced writing
with pen and pad.

He reminisces, 
standing under the shower, 
about when he was a kid

and it was spring 
he'd fly kites 
on the sea shore,

wearing his mother's thimble
to protect his forefinger
from getting cut 
by the manja.

After taking the bath 
he got nostalgic 
and went to the sea 
with his pen and pad.

There he sat on the sandy seashore
and mused over the sighing sea--

"Ageless sea,
can you return
me my spring 
kite, which had a hand-drawn 
illustration of a little boy 
chasing butterflies on it 
and which you took  
away from me.
I cried because I loved it,
like how I'm crying now 
because I loved that kid
and my mother's thimble 
which she gave me 
from her sewing kit, 
so that I can fly kites safely.
Oh, ageless sea 
can you return
me my spring days?"

© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2022 All Rights Reserved

Posted over at dverse

It took two days to come up with a piece for this prompt, I struggled a lot, at first I was thinking of writing a square poem using the epigraph but I couldn’t do it! So I settled for a free verse poem, I hope you guys like it.

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