Quadrille: Dating a Poet

On a boat, just me and her,
and as I'm about to kiss her 
she whispers,
"Wait, watch how the Moon flickers
in the winter river.
The crescent Moon's silver
shadow shimmers
and as the cold wind delivers
a chilly ripple, 
the shadow shivers."

© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2022 All Rights Reserved

Posted over at dverse


Use shiver–or some form of the word—in a poem of exactly 44 words. The form is up to you. Shiver in rhyme, or shiver in free verse. Shiver in the past, present, or future.

I’ve chosen to write a free verse poem with each line’s end word rhyming with ‘shiver’. I listened to one of my favorite rolling stones track while I wrote this poem.

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