Poem/Rap: Rich Fame

I'm a rapper who's broke 
and today I awoke
with a hole in my ceiling 
an oak tree fell on it last night when it was raining
got no money to fix it 
and in the breakfast I'm eating a biscuit 
then I go to my desk 
but my mind's rhymeless
what a mess 

lately, I really feel like 
taking a hike and say goodnight
to this rap game 
hang up the mic 
'cuz I'm going insane 
with poverty killing me 
no poetry is left in me

I'm hungry, I need some money 
my friends think it's funny 
they say my rhymes are childish 
my mom asks me, "Why're you like this?"

I know that one day they'll all see 
but that day feels like fantasy
when my hard work'll make my name
and I'll rise to the rich fame.

© M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2022 All Rights Reserved

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