Links To My Stuff Out There:

Antidotes | Spillwords – May 2021
A haiku string.

Mickey Mouse the Filthy Clown | misery tourism – March 2021
A short story in verses.

 Misery | misery tourism – Feb. 2021
A short story in verses.

Lullaby | trouvaille review – Feb. 2021
A little tiny poem.

Visual Caffeine and 2 Poems | acumen publications – Feb. 2021
As a featured young poet.

Insomnia | friday flash fiction – Jan. 2021
A 100-word horror story.

Bhopal: The Brimming Heart of India | sage cigarettes – Jan. 2021
A poem about my homeland published in the Southern Issue of Sage Cigarettes magazine. The first time that my work appeared in a paying magazine!

Noon Rain | the drabble – Dec. 2020
A 100-word romantic prose.

Secret Thoughts of Survivor | the drabble – Nov. 2020
A 100-word poem.

Signs and The Makeup Artist | Terror House Magazine – July 2020
A horror poem and a dark prose.

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